How to work with me:
Shoot me an email with the details of what you want to capture and what location ideas you have. I live in San Francisco, California but am happy to travel, with enough planning. I regularly get up to Sacramento; I usually get to Seattle every six months or so; LA one or twice a year, and am happy to go elsewhere if discussed. 
Timing: sunsets are prettiest, but I know younger kids are happiest in the mornings (temperature will also play into this), so it’s your call. If you want that glowy sunset look, though, we have to start working together around an hour before the sun sets and into the sunset. Location also plays a part in timing. In a forest, morning or early afternoon is best, but a beach or an empty field requires sunset. I will only shoot inside for newborn shoots or events. 
Most shoots last aroound an hour, depending on how people feel and how things go. I never limit things based on time - I want to shoot until you feel satisfied (or your kids are over it, haha). If things just DO NOT work, we can always do another day, but honestly I’ve only had that happen like, twice. 
If you want a sample of what my family shoots typically end up like, here's a sample gallery

Individuals, children, couples, immediate families, headshots, professional portraits: $300
Extended families (more than say, 7 people), groups, events, or business groups: $400
Weddings: $3,500 
- all day (mid-getting ready to reception)
- usually around 1,000 edited images, depending on how long I'm there for
- includes an engagement session
If you are interested in working with me but cannot afford these rates, please still reach out to me. I am happy to make it work. You having art is more important to me.

Special note for newborns/kids: I do not bring props or do prop-heavy shoots. I want to do work with them in a much more documentary/lifestyle sort of fashion. If you have a small prop idea, feel free to bring it up and we will discuss! (Example: your kid loves balls, so you want to do a baseball-themed shoot. I don't see those as props, I see those as you encouraging play!)
What you get: 
Every hi-res photo that turns out (I only get rid of blurry, duplicates, or obviously bad shots) edited and returned to you in an online private Dropbox for download within a week of the shoot (allow 3 weeks for weddings) with a copyright release so you can print as you desire. I do some photos also in black and white, so you get both options.
I keep all the photos, so if you lose them in a year, I should still have them!
Weddings are a case-by-case situation, so for that we should meet/talk first and see how we feel about each other. I typically work alone, but I absolutely can get a second shooter if you want one (they do come with an additional fee to cover their time). 25% deposit due upon contract signing; remainder due with one month of the event. 

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